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We are now accepting applicants for our Advanced Fall and Spring Courses. 


  • October 2018
    Advanced Laser

    October 1 

  • January 2019
    Advanced Laser

    January 18


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What our Grads have to say.

This past spring myself and another staff member had the privilege of taking a medical aesthetics/laser technician course from Jaime. She is so kind, knowledgeable, and clearly very passionate about what she does. We learned so much during our course and had tons of hands on experience. Being comfortable handling the technology is so important when you take your knowledge and skills back to your clinic so we were both thankful to get plenty of time actually using the machines. I would highly recommend Body Bar Laser Academy to anyone interested in pursing a laser tech career. Thanks a million Jaime.

Nicola Hitchcock

Recent Grad, Body Bar Laser Academy

Definitely recommend this laser training school. They have many medical grade lasers plus coolsculpting, hydrafacial etc
The teachers are fun and easy to listen to and you really enjoy learning!!!!

Andrea Bucko

Recent Grad, Body Bar Laser Academy

Signed up to be a model for their training program and enjoyed it. The students were professional and polite and everything was supervised by the instructors so I felt comfortable and safe. I would recommend signing up to be a training model as they offer all sorts of treatment options.
Katie Mason

Model, Self employed