You should know that aestheticians will require less formal educational qualification compared to medical technicians or lab technicians that you may know. As the name suggests, laser training courses are focused on the provision of technical skills that help students work with aesthetic or cosmetic lasers and also teach them how to operate and maintain the devices; all while maintaining clients’ health and safety.

A Glimpse at one of many Laser Treatment Application.

As a certified laser technician with Body Bar Laser Academy in Canada, your training will comprise of several modules where you will learn how to use aesthetic/ cosmetic laser equipment and tune its parameters according to the desired outcome of the client. Laser is used in many applications including hair removal, pigmentation removal, mole removal, skin resurfacing, various kinds of peels and facials, tattoo removal and many other dermatological treatments.

Laser Training Courses – What you should know!

A cosmetic laser technician may be responsible to work with various cosmetic laser devices for a variety of aesthetics applications. After completing this course you will be capable of operating, troubleshooting and maintaining aesthetic laser enabled devices.  As a Laser Safety Officer (LSO) maintaining & troubleshooting tasks may require calling the manufacturer technical support to assist with troubleshooting and booking regular preventative maintenance to ensure machine is functioning safely and effectively.  At Body Bar Laser Academy we cover many applications on various devices, once working in the field it is important that adequate machines specific training is obtained on specific devices to understand how that platform operates (operation and specific treatment guidelines).

There is an abundance of career opportunities in the field of laser aesthetics. You can qualify for a career in Laser Aesthetics after you have gained our extensive education and hands-on training which will allow starting with confidence in the field. The minimum required educational qualification for this course is a high school diploma.

What are the duties of a Certified Laser Technician In Canada?

1. You may work in a variety of settings and for a wide range of employers including hospitals, private cosmetic clinics, private laser clinics, or your own clinic.

2. You may also be responsible for assembling (attaching desired applicators & consumables), troubleshooting (with technical support), operating, maintaining the cosmetic laser equipment (proper care to ensure equipment functions properly) . This, however, depends upon your job profile.

It’s understandable that formal education is attractive. However, completing this laser training with Body Bar Laser Academy will give you ready-to-use skills and hands-on experience which you will be able to monetize once you complete the course. The cosmetic industry has been growing substantially in the past 5 years and we would like you to join the journey to the top, with us.

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