Refunds in cases of withdrawal or dismissal written notice:

To initiate a refund, written notice must be provided.

a) By a student to the institution, and when the student withdraws a confirmation from the institution will be given in writing upon receipt.

b) By the institution to the student where the institution dismisses a student.

    Refund policy for students

    BEFORE the program of study begins:

    a) If written notice of withdrawal is received by the institution no later than 7 business days after the contract is made, and before the commencement of the period of instruction specified in the contract, the institution will refund 100% of the total tuition fees due under the contract except got the application fee.

    b) If written notice of withdrawal is received by the institution 30 calendar days or more before the commencement period of instruction specified in the contract, the institution may retain the lesser of 10% of the total tuition fees due under the contract or $1000.00, plus 100% of course materials not provided to student.

    c) If written notice of withdrawal is received by the institution less than 30 calendar days before the commencement period of instruction specified in the contract, the institution may retain the lesser of 20% of the total tuition and fees due under the contract or $1300.00 plus 100% of course materials.

    Refund policy for students

    AFTER the program of study begins: 

    a) If written notice is received by the institution or a student is dismissed before 10% of the period of instruction specified in the contract has elapsed, the institution may retain 30% of the tuition and 100% of course materials if not provided to student, due under the contract.

    b) If written notice is received by the institution or a student is dismissed after 10% but before 30% of the period of instruction specified in the contract has elapsed, the institution may retain 50% of the tuition and 100% of course materials not provided to student due under the contract.

    c) If written notice is received by the institution or a student is dismissed after 30% of the period of instruction specified in the contract has elapsed, no refund is granted.



    • The institution is prohibited from guaranteeing a student or prospective student employment, income or eligibility for a work permit. Program admission requirement(s) for your program of study cannot be waived.

    PTIB Refund Policy

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    Policy: Sexual Violence & Misconduct


    The purpose of  this  policy  is  to  outline the processes  and  principles  related  to  responding  to sexualized  violence or  misconduct.


    Academic or  employment accommodation  –  a  reasonable  modification  made  to  a  person’s academic  program  or  employment situation  that does  not change  the  basic  requirements  of  a course  or  job  duties.

    Alternate  resolution  –  any  method  of  resolving  a matter  with  the help of  someone who  is  not directly involved  before  an  investigation  is  started  or  completed.

    Balance  of probabilities  –  a legal  standard  applied  for  deciding  the outcome  of  a  case;  the probability  that  an  event  occurred  is  greater  than  fifty  percent.

    Academy  community  –  employees,  students,  volunteers,  contractors and other  individuals who work,  study  or  engage in  business  or  services  for  the  Academy.

    Complainant  –  1)  a person  alleging  that  they  have  experienced  sexual  violence or  misconduct; 2)  a person  who has  witnessed  or  knows  about an  incident  of  sexual  violence  or  misconduct.

    Confidentiality  –  the  protection  of  private  information  from  being  disclosed  to anyone  who is not authorized  to receive  the  information.

    Consent  –  in  this  policy,  agreement  to  engage in  sexual  or  sexualized  activity.

    Consent  must  be active,  direct,  ongoing,  informed  and  voluntary.

    Disclosure  –  telling  someone at  the  Academy about  an  experience or  a concern  around  sexual violence  or  misconduct to  obtain  support,  guidance,  information  and/or  referral.  A  disclosure does  not  initiate  an  investigation  (see  Formal Report).

    Employee  –  in  this  policy,  any  individual  who  is  or  was  employed  at  the  Academy  at  the time the alleged  sexual  violence  or  misconduct  occurred.

    Formal report  –  a  formal  statement  made by  any  member  of  the  Academy community  about  an incident  of  sexual  violence or  misconduct.  The purpose of making  a formal  report  is  to  have  the incident investigated  or to  seek  an  alternate  resolution  to a  situation. Interim  measures  –  temporary  actions taken  by  the  Academy on  a case-by-case basis  to  preserve the  health  and  safety  of  individuals involved  in  an  investigation  or  other  members  of  the  Academy community,  and/or  to maintain a  safe  and  productive  learning  and  working  environment.

    Investigation  –  a  process  of  collecting  and  assessing  information  to determine  the  nature  and circumstances  of  an  alleged  incident  of  sexual  violence,  and  whether  it  is  probable  that this policy  has been  breached.

    Legal  duty  to report  –  the  obligation  to  make a report  to  relevant  authorities  where required by  legislation  (e.g.,  where a  person  under  19  years  of  age is  at  risk  of  being  harmed,  including self-harm  or  harming  others).

    Respondent – a person  against  whom  an  allegation  of  sexual  violence or  misconduct  has  been made.

    Sanction  –  a consequence imposed  for  the  conduct.

    Sexual violence  or  misconduct  –  any  unwanted  action  carried  out  through  sexual  means.  See Appendix  A  for  full  definitions.

    Support services  –  emotional,  physical,  advisory or  referral  services  available  either  on  campus or  in  the community;  does  not  include legal  services.

    Student  –  in this policy,  a  person  who  is  or  was registered in  a  course  or  program  at  the Academy at  the time the alleged  sexual  violence or  misconduct  occurred.

    Trauma-informed  approach  – an approach  based  on an understanding  of  and  responsiveness to  the impact  of  trauma that  emphasizes  physical,  psychological  and  emotional  safety.



    General: Body Bar Laser Academy (the "Academy"):

    • Recognizes that all members  of  the  Academy community  should  be able  to work, teach  and  learn  in  an environment  free  from  sexual  harassment, discrimination  and  sexualized
    • Recognizes that everyone has the right  to  exercise  full  control over  their own bodies,  and  to engage  only  in  sexual  activity  to which  they consent.
    • Is committed to an  environment  free from  sexual  violence or misconduct
    • Will respond promptly and  effectively  when  incidents occur.
    • Acknowledges that sexual violence or  misconduct  affects different communities  in  different ways  and  to a  different extent.  These  communities include,  among others:
      • People who are in the full continuum  of  gender  identities  and expression
      • Indigenous populations
      • People with disabilities
      • Racialized individuals or  people from  other countries
    • Is committed to applying a  trauma-informed  approach  to  sexualized violence to  ensure access  to  supports  and  services  for  anyone who needs them.
    • This policy  applies  to  sexual  violence or  misconduct  that  is  alleged  to  have occurred: on or off  Body Bar Laser Academy  property,  including online  activities  or Academy-sponsored
    • academic, or  social  events,  where the interaction  between  the individuals  involved  is  an  extension  of their relationship  to
    • The person who initiates  sexual  activity  is  responsible  to obtain  consent at all stages of  sexual
    • Consent cannot be  obtained  or  assumed:
      • if the respondent  abuses a  position  of  trust,  power  or authority1;
      • from previous consent to similar activities; •
      • from an individual incapacitated  by  alcohol,  drugs  or  some other  reason; and/or  who is unconscious or  otherwise  incapable  of  providing  consent; or
      • through an abuse of  power, threats,  intimidation,  coercion  or  other pressure
    • A person  can  revoke  consent at any time.Confidentiality
      • The Academy recognizes  that  privacy  and  maintaining  dignity  and  control  of personal  information  is particularly  important  to  those who  have  experienced sexual  violence or    Any  personal information  collected  and maintained  under this  policy  is  subject  to  the  Freedom  of  Information  and Protection  of  Privacy  Act.
      • The  Academy will  make every  reasonable effort  to  maintain  the confidentiality  of all  persons  involved  in  any  process  under  this    The Academy may share a limited amount of information only where it is required by law  or  to ensure  all procedures are  conducted fairly.
      • The Academy cannot  ensure  confidentiality  in  the following circumstances: •  When a person is  at imminent  risk  of self-harm. •  When a person is  at  imminent  risk  of  harming another.   When it is reasonable to  believe that  others  in  the Academy or wider community may  be  at  risk  of harm.
      • Where there is a legal  duty  to  report  or


      Confidentiality  is  not  the  same  as  anonymity.


      • A person may  disclose an  incident  or  concern  about  sexual  violence or misconduct  to  a  member  of  the  Academy  community  to  obtain  support,  guidance, information  and/or
      • A disclosure is  not  a  Formal  Report  within  the  meaning of  this  policy,  and  will not prompt an
      • A person may  disclose an  incident  of  sexual  violence to  the police any time.


      Freedom to  Disclose  or Report

      • The Academy recognizes  that  some individuals  may  hesitate to  disclose  or  report incidents  of  sexual violence.
      • There are  no  barriers  to  disclosing  an  incident;  anyone may  freely  and  safely disclose  cases  involving alcohol,  drugs,  involvement  in  sex  work  or  any other behavior.


      • Both the  person  who  discloses  sexual  violence or  misconduct  and  the person who is  alleged  to  have engaged  in  sexual  violence or  misconduct  will  be  treated with  dignity,  compassion  and
      • The Academy will  offer  guidance and  access  to  support  services  to  any  person involved  whether  or  not a  formal  investigation  takes place.
      • Anyone who experiences  sexual  violence or  misconduct  or  who  is  alleged  to have engaged  in  sexual violence  or  misconduct  that falls  outside  of  the  scope  of this  policy  will  be  able to  access  support services.
      • Support services  may  include referral  to  referral to external  resources such as Counselling,  Health  Services, Indigenous Education  and  Services,  and International  Education;   safety  and  security  planning;  or  support  for  reporting  to the police.  Support  will  be  offered  according  to  the circumstances  and  the wishes  of the


      Legal Opinion  or Advice


      • Neither the Academy nor  any  of  its  employees  can  provide legal  advice to  a complainant or
      • Support services  do  not  include legal  opinion  or advice.


      Temporary Academic Accommodation

      • A person affected by sexual violence or misconduct  may request  temporary academic accommodation.
      • The Academy will  grant  accommodation  as  appropriate to  the person’s  needs  and circumstances,  the department’s requirements and the  rights  of  others involved.
      • Individuals who request  academic  accommodations  under  this policy  are not  required  to  file a Formal Report  of  sexual  violence  or  misconduct to  receive

      Interim Measures


      • The Academy may  implement  interim  measures  while  it  investigates  an allegation of  sexual violence  or  misconduct,  or  where interim  measures  are deemed necessary.  Reasons  for  implementing  interim  measures  may  be  to  maintain  a safe  and  productive  environment  or  to  protect  the health  or  safety  of  any individual or the public.


      Formal Report

      • Any member of the  Academy  community  may  make a Formal  Report  about  sexual violence or  misconduct  that  falls  within  the scope  of  this    This  includes anyone  not  directly  involved  with  an incident  The purpose of  making  a  Formal  Report is to: •
        • initiate an  investigation  into allegations  of  sexual  violence  or  misconduct, or
        • initiate an  alternate resolution  to  a complaint  of  sexual  violence  or misconduct.
        • A person who  is  not  directly  involved  with  an  incident  of  sexual  violence  or misconduct may make  a  formal  report  on  behalf  of,  and  with  the  consent  of,  the person  who  experienced  the sexual  violence or misconduct.
        • A person who  witnessed  an  incident  of  sexual  violence or  misconduct  that affected someone else may  make a Formal    The  Academy will  take action only  in consultation  with  the person  who  experienced  the sexual  violence  or misconduct  unless there is  a legal  duty  to  report.

      Alternate Resolution

      • The Academy  will  offer  opportunities  to resolve  a  matter  informally  without resorting to  an  investigation,  or before  an  investigation  has  begun  or is completed.




      • A formal report  will  lead  to  an  investigation  if: •  the complainant requests  an  investigation,  and •  the allegations  fall  within  the scope  of  this policy
      • Investigations will  be  conducted fairly  and  will  follow  procedures  outlined  in Academy policy  and/or  employee collective agreements  as  Investigations  will  use  a  trauma-informed  approach.
      • Anyone alleged to  have breached  this  policy  will  be notified  of  the allegations and have  the right to respond  to them.  They  also have  the  right to an  unbiased decision  made  about  the
      • The decision arising from  an  investigation  will  be  based  on  the  balance of probabilities.

      Investigation Outcome

      • Any member of the  Academy  community  who  is  found  responsible for  sexual violence  or  misconduct may  be    The  sanction may  include  anything up to suspension  or  termination  from  the Academy.
      • Both the  person  who  experienced  the sexual  violence  or  misconduct  and  the respondent  will  receive a summary  of  the  investigation


      Protection from Reprisals,  Retaliation  or Threats


      • No one may retaliate, engage in  reprisals  or  threaten  to  retaliate against  a person  filing  a Formal  Report or for: •  pursuing rights  under  this  policy,  a relevant  collective  agreement,  the Criminal  Code  or  any other law; •  participating or co-operating in  an  investigation  under  this  policy,  a relevant  collective agreement,  the  Criminal  Code  or  any  other  law; or •  being associated with  someone  who  has pursued rights under  this policy,  a relevant  collective agreement,  the  Criminal  Code  or  any  other law.
      • Anyone who engages  in  reprisals,  retaliation  or  threats  of  retaliation  may  be sanctioned.


      Appeal of a Sanction

      • A student may  appeal a  sanction  imposed for  a  violation  of  this policy  by following  the procedures  outlined  in  the  Sexual  Violence  or  Misconduct  Policy Appeal  Procedures  for Students.
      • An employee or other  individual  sanctioned  under  this  policy  may  seek  redress under  the relevant  Collective Agreement  or  terms  of contract.


      Sexual Violence or  Misconduct Prevention

      • The Academy will  provide education  and  training  to students  and  employees  to increase awareness  of  sexual  violence,  misconduct  and  rape culture,  prevent incidents  and  promote effective responses  to sexual  violence or misconduct.
      • The Academy will  make reasonable efforts  to  ensure that  every  member  of the Academy community  is  aware of  this


      Relationship to Other  Academy Policies

      • This policy  applies  in  conjunction  with  the  Academy’s  other  policies  and  legal obligations.  Other policies  include,  among  others,  the Student  Code  of  Conduct Policy,  the  Ethical  Conduct  Policy,  the Human  Rights  Policy  and  the Respectful Workplace
      • This policy  is  not  intended  to conflict  with  the application  of  relevant  collective agreements  or  the law.




      • For questions  about this  policy,  contact the Director of the Academy.







      Appendix A


      Sexual violence  or  misconduct  is any  unwanted action  carried out  through  sexual  means  or  by targeting  sexuality,  gender  identity  or  gender  expression,  whether  the action  is  physical  or psychological.  Sexual violence  includes  any  attempt or  threat  to commit an  act  of  sexual violence.  Expanded  definitions  are below.


      Distribution  of  sexually  explicit imagery  –  sharing  sexualized  pictures,  photos, representations  of  a person  without  consent.


      Indecent or  sexualized  exposure  –  exposing one’s  body  to  another individual  for a  sexual purpose  or  coercing  another  individual  to  remove  their  clothing  in  order  to  expose  their  body, without their  consent.


      Sexual abuse  –  unwanted sexual  activity,  with  perpetrators  using  force,  making  threats  or taking  advantage  of people  not able  to give  consent.


      Sexual assault  –  sexual  contact with  another  person  without that person’s  consent.  Sexual assault  does not depend solely  on  contact  with  any  specific part  of  the  human  anatomy  but rather  the  act  of  a  sexual  nature  that violates  the  sexual  integrity  of  the  victim.


      Sexual exploitation  –  the sexual  abuse of  young  or  vulnerable individuals  through  the exchange  of  sex  or  sexual acts for  drugs,  food,  shelter,  protection,  other  basics of  life,  and/or money.


      Sexual harassment  –  a  form  of  sex  discrimination  based  on  gender;  unwelcome  conduct of  a sexual  nature that  detrimentally  affects  or  interferes  with  the work/study  environment  or  leads to  adverse  job/education-related  consequences  for  the individual.  Sexual  harassment  may  be verbal,  physical  or  by  technological  means,  including  but not limited  to email,  Internet postings, or text  messaging.


      Sexual trafficking  –  the  recruitment,  transportation,  harbouring and/or exercising control, direction  or  influence over  the  movements  of  a  person  in  order  to exploit that person,  typically through sexual  exploitation  or  forced  sexual  labour.


      Sexualized  –  the  act  of  making something sexual;  attributing sex  or a  sex  role  to  something  or someone.


      Stalking  –  engaging in  conduct  that  causes  an  individual  to  reasonably  fear  for their physical  or psychological  safety,  or  the  safety  of  anyone  known  to  them,  such  as  repeatedly  following  or communicating  through  any means—including electronic—with  someone,  engaging in threatening  conduct,  or  keeping  watch  over  the  place where  the individual  or  anyone known  to them happens  to  be.  Stalking  of  a non-sexual  nature  will  be addressed  under  other  relevant Academy policies.


      Stealthing  –  the  act of  removing  a  condom  during  sex  without the  consent of  the  partner. Technology-facilitated  sexual harassment or  stalking  –  using technological  mediums  to engage  in  unsolicited  sexual  harassment  or stalking.


      Voyeurism – non-consensual  viewing,  photographing,  or otherwise  recording another individual  in  a location  where there is  a reasonable expectation  of  privacy  and  where the viewing,  photographing or recording is  done  for a  sexual  purpose.

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